First One-Harry

pio5pkEiEone With Father’s Day about 4 weeks away, I thought I’d share about my dad’s.  In my lifetime, I’ve had 4 different father figures. Each one of them gave to me something and helped to shape me into the woman I am today. For better or for worse. I am not bitter about my childhood. It was interesting and, as Judy says in one of my favorite books, ‘it gives me a different perspective on life others don’t have’. The little girl I was would have gone thru counseling and all sorts of stuff in today’s time frame. I had to grow up on my own and I enjoyed most of it.  A great deal I didn’t understand. Which is probably for the best. These thoughts are from my point of view, of course. My sister had the same background I did, but she is very different from me. Very. I was the oldest and therein, I think lies the difference. I was born all grown up and she wasn’t.

My real biological dad was only around for a few years. When I was born, his first words were reported to be, ‘But she’s so skinny!’ I remember bits and pieces of living near/with him. I recall a park and deer and throwing rocks in water. Actually, there may be photos of those memories!!! Some of the best stories my mum has told me were from her relationship with Harry. He loved fishing, he tanned to very dark every summer, and he loved dancing. He also had a cool sister, we still keep in contact with. I was told I resembled him, which made me wonder. I am almost a duplicate of my mum and sister! Though, this dad wasn’t a part of my life for very long, he will never be forgotten. Ever.

When he died, my sister and I got some kind of benefit checks, which mum used. Until my last dad got his hands on them and invested them for our future. I’ll never forget when mum found out Harry had died. She was on the phone in our overly crowded one bedroom apartment. She sat up straight, slammed her fist into her thigh, and shouted, ‘Hot, Damn! He’s dead!’ I remembered it seemed odd, but I went back to the story I was reading. Books were safe. That first dad, Harry, died not long before mum married my last dad. He had died from a Diabetic coma. Or at least, I think this is what I was told.

The one thing I will always remember Harry for is the disease known as Diabetes. I graduated from High School on May 23, 1983. (yeah, I’m old!) I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, as an 18 year old, around the end of June. I always reckoned my real dad wanted to give me some sort of graduation present….And since the genes he gave me were skewed towards Diabetes, well, that is what I got. I would have much preferred money. Although, to be fair, the Diabetes has lasted much longer than any of the cash I received.

I know not much more about Harry than these paragraphs. It seems sad to have  a  legacy in a disease and know little about the man it was inherited from. I do know, I didn’t get my math or directional skills from him! He was some sort of a surveyor or something.

2 thoughts on “First One-Harry

  1. Funny what we inherit, and don’t inherit from our fathers. I inherited my dad’s shitty sense of direction. He couldn’t find his way out of a parking lot. GPS was invented specifically for me.

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