Odd things from the week

While The Craftsman was here, a bazillion things got done. Things I am a tad too short to do without a ladder (which are things I do not like at all, nope, not one bit, absolutely not) or things I wasn’t sure how to do or things that just needed done. The old decrepit burn barrel my Brother in Law suggested needed manly men to remove? The Craftsman took care of it. With one hand! (seriously, the carpal tunnel surgery he had last Friday was wearing-) He cleaned out under and behind mum’s fridge. He found a horror story! 20170516_205553 I call it, ‘When Dust Bunnies Learn to Spell….’ I also took a ‘mug shot’ of the cupboard above the fridge–Mum is at least an inch shorter than I am! I am positive those mugs haven’t been touched in YEARS! IMG_6233

Then, we found not ‘freeze frames’, but a solidly dusty set of them. Can this still even be used?????????? 
He gave mum’s car a first scrub (he ran out of time to wash it again). Mum said she has washed it, but I am not entirely sure how long ago that may have been. He used a brand new car scrubbing brush we found in the garage. He tidied up my dad’s shop (mum said dad had too much stuff, but she managed to put her stuff on top of his model airplane and juke box things!). He discovered two new air pumps, one which doesn’t work–the one I had been using!!!–and filled the tires on mum’s bike for me. He cleaned mum’s grill (it was last used September, a couple of years back). He set up mum’s scanner and I found this empty booklet under where the unused scanner sat for several years. IMG_6227 I am thankful he came up. It was a different kind of experience. He didn’t really have much to do, his hand ached, so he did quite a bit of sleeping in between projects. We did manage to get out a few times and even if things were awkward every so often, I’m sad to have him leave. It was nice to not be alone in the house with mum and her dog (who bit me this week).


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