I was in a conversation with a friend about having sex in different places. I mentioned the phrasing we were using sounded a bit like a Dr. Seuss story and this was the response. “Feeling sexy should be silly sometimes, I always think…life is too short to be serious about something so enjoyable.” This friend is absolutely right!

It isn’t a duty. It doesn’t have to stop once children are born. It is not something to only do in the dark in a bed under covers. The ‘help to a better sex life’ books I’ve perused often seem to forget the most important thing, to have fun! Oh, there may be a mention here and there, but for the most part they appear well….dry. Like the one I shared earlier with instructions like: “Carpet Burn– HOW: The man kneels down on the carpet and brings ones knee up almost as if he is proposing. You will then kneel in front of him and move down onto him, holding his thigh in one hand and his bum in the other. You can now both thrust into each other.” (You are supposed to put down a towel to prevent the carpet burn) Another one I have suggests learning how to please a man ‘is a practice you need to hone sooner rather than later if you want your sexual buddy to stick around.’  Which makes the skills seem more difficult than they might be.

I have enjoyed intimacies I often imagine over and over. I’ve imagined more than I’ve experienced, which is probably realistic. I may never experience those things rather risque things, which is why I have an imagination! The good Doctor once said, “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” I like looking thru the wrong end of the telescope, every so often I’ll find someone who enjoys it as much as I do and therein lies the fantasy!

8 thoughts on “Silly!!!!!!!

  1. Well said Kris. I never understood those manuals that give instructions and illustrations on sex positions like an Ikea furniture instruction page. Don’t they know guys don’t read instructions?! lol

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