lokireads Those in my family have always amused ourselves with the thought that mum is immortal. My sister and I have often said if anyone called to say mum had died, we’d tell them to let her rest and check her in 20 min. I have always enjoyed mythology and the immortals. Mum really isn’t one of them. I love Loki (part of that might just be Tom Hiddleston in recent years….) and Norse gods and goddesses  (must be my Scandinavian background). However, I am going to tell you something so cool, it is better than mythical heroes. Or at least, I think so! I, Kris, am now immortal.

I am not AN immortal, but I will live forever and ever. It is all because I bake and mail favorite authors treats. Yes, I am in a book. I still can’t believe it and I read it! Let me ‘splain. Lori Wilson is a FB friend. I’ve never actually met her, our paths haven’t managed to cross just yet in the real world. They’ve come close, though! Lori is the author of 3 (so far) books about a detective named Kelly Lowe. Kelly and her team solve crimes in the Pacific Northwest. In particular, from the Portland, Or area. In her last book, Kelly and others often visit a local coffee shop run by Krissy. Brews ‘n Buns, I believe, is the name of this establishment. Krissy is everything I’d love to be and some of what I actually am!!! She even uses the word ‘Piffle!’ I was very thankful Krissy did’t get killed in this story. I have read authors who kill off characters after you learn to like them! I was also glad she wasn’t a murderer. Arsenic and Old Lace is one of my favorite books,  I loved the play, and  I finally uprooted the beautiful nightshade in my garden after several years. However, I would much prefer remaining the friendly neighborhood bakester  chick.

Here is the link to my friend’s book. I’m still in awe. Kris is pretty new to this immortal stuff.

Lori Wilson For the Fallen: A Detective Kelly Lowe Mystery


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