Jumble of thoughts

A rather long whine? frustration? or just that jumble of thoughts?

I received a box of some ‘summer’ things I had asked for. It was packed, for the most part, absolutely perfectly. Each item was put in the box precisely, so as to save space, making sure as much could go in the box as possible. It was lovely to get it, I’m not sure why he sent certain things, but I’ll enjoy having them. Except the old sports bra. I have no clue what made him put this particular item in the box. For starters, it is one I should have thrown away as it is incredibly worn out. I do wonder what he thought when he carefully folded it for mailing. Did he wonder why my bra was so old and icky? Did he know sports bras don’t look like that?

I had to laugh, though. He always does things like this. He builds me bookshelves or puts in counters or makes me stuff for the yard. He will see what I want and go completely off on his own tangent, making the end result better than what I had thought I had wanted. There is an absolutely beautiful counter in the kitchen only he can sit at, he made it for taller people (I’m a foot shorter than he is). I came home from AK one summer to find I had new dishes. I wanted some extra blue dinner plates to match the set I had purchased, but since those were out of stock, he got tan ones. A LOT of them. I boxed up all the pretty blue ones and got out my old white and gold corelle wear, which matches quite nicely. When he made and put in the trellis for a rosebush, I ended up digging up the nightshade (I know, it is poisonous, but oh so pretty!). He cleans house 100% better than I ever do, which sounds funny! I try to clean things as well as he would and he often goes and does it over later, to help me. He doesn’t really like cooking and baking, but he can and does it very well. He always cuts everyone’s hair (I totally messed up the very first and only haircut I gave our oldest son when he was tiny). He prefers to do things on his own from the yard to the house (he does have the kid  mow every once in a while and he lets me putter with plants in the garden-his often live longer- and I am allowed to paint things). He loves working on the 56 Mercury that used to be my dad’s. Working on cars is not only his hobby, it is his job. He’d love it more if he didn’t have such a dingaling for a boss. He is a true craftsman and meticulous in his work.

Having him here this next week will be interesting. Especially for mom’s day. His mom is very important to him.He is an only child, she is a widow, and he takes care of her place as well as ours (she lives just a few blocks away). The shop is  at her house, as is the Mercury. He visits with her almost every day or calls and before we moved to the town he grew up in, she would call every Sunday night at 930. Or he’d call her. I remember one experience, we had gone to a big city for an overnight and it was Sunday. He called her and didn’t tell her where we were, she’d have thought it was too extravagant. I was on the floor between his knees looking up at him while he was talking to her.Another time when we visited her, I convinced him to go to a motel for a night (we’ve done that 3 times in the 28 years we’ve been married) while she watched her two grandsons and she was absolutely disturbed by the idea. I’m glad he’ll be with her for Memorial Day. That is always a huge day. I usually put flower pots together, but am sure he’ll come up with something just as nice.

He said he wanted to take me to a movie while he was here. I reminded him I can’t leave mum in the evenings. He then asked if she just didn’t want to take care of herself or wasn’t capable. She really isn’t altogether capable. Although, I am sure she also likes having someone cater to her. She does not like being alone and if my doing for her keeps me here, by golly, she’ll let me do it!

I don’t know what to expect from this week we’ll be mostly together. The two of us don’t often do things with each other. We don’t know each other anymore, I’m not even sure we did a quarter of a century ago. He doesn’t like me to read erotica, much less write it. He doesn’t like me to dress in clothes that are too tight or show too much. As some of you might know, sex is always in the dark (did you know we now have about 17 hours of daylight now??? Very little dark!!) and vanilla as cheap tub ice cream with not a single word spoken.  But, he is incredibly kind and handsome and enjoys helping people. It will be an interesting 7 days. And after I find out why he sent me that particular bra, I’ll throw it away!!


8 thoughts on “Jumble of thoughts

  1. This was a fun read, Kris. Are you sure he didn’t find that old bra of yours in the back seat of that ’56 Merc? haha…It wasn’t that old (the bra I mean). Have fun during his visit, should be interesting. btw: I’d love to see a pic of that car.

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    • laughing out loud!!! I’ll post the car soon–it is super awesome. But, no, I’ve rarely lost clothing in cars with my spouse. Maybe as many times as 5 in the last 29 years. Most of those premarriage. And yes, this visit is interesting.

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  2. Awwww, very fun read, you. What a sweetie to include the bra, as baffling as it may seem. I am always amazed at the extra mile men will go to please us and help. It’s touching, amusing, sweet, and charming! You’re lucky to have such a steadfast hubby. Leaves me hope yet.

    Love to you both in this visit. Have FUN! Maybe share some erotica together? Hehe…..❤️💙🌺🌸🐾😎🤗

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