Mum wisdom


Dropping some of the wisdom I learned from my mum.
1. I learned responsibility from mum.  As the oldest daughter of two kids who were latch key, I had to be responsible. I started watching my little sister by myself when I was when I was 5. By 4th and 5th grade, I was babysitting other babies and small kids for cash. I’ve been babysitting most of my life and am convinced this is an excellent form of birth control. Kids of all ages pooping, peeing, punching, and whatever else on you and your clothes is not fun. Especially for a teen! I’ve always been the responsible one. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to NOT be!!!
2. I have learned to be strong and not depend on anyone. Mum has had several kinds of cancers and is missing part of her colon, she has no breasts, pancreas, or spleen (the last was in 2016). She has also had 4 husbands, two of which beat her up. I look at myself and wonder why I am such a weenie! She wonders that, too. :o)
3. Mum has taught me to enjoy kids and make a difference in their lives whenever I can. I do not think I can go anywhere without running into someone who has been changed in some way by mum. Especially when they were kids. I recall her telling me one day when she was teaching in the juvie home, ‘one of the newer kids told me his dad told him he had to behave after finding out I was teaching.’
4. Mum also taught me that mom’s know EVERYTHING! I had been aware of this as a kid, but it was really brought home to me in High School. Mom went to a Methodist church in town, I went to a Baptist church a short ways from my house, my boyfriend went to a Baptist church between the two. We decided one Sunday to skip church and go on a hike. We told our parents we’d be attending the other church. Monday, Mum asked where we had been. I guess that goes with the villages raising a child.                                        5. The last few years I’ve been able to be home, I’ve had a whole different take on things I’ve learned from mum. Or because of her.

I am thankful for the different kinds of lessons I learned from my mum. I wish some of them would have been less stressful than they ended up being, but I have survived and I have grown. I may not have always understood my mum, I still don’t, but I always appreciate her. Thanks, Mum.


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