Odd Bits

20170512_175643 This was dinner. It was all Gary’s fault. He talked on his blog update today about WP problems and then posted photo after photo of meals for one. Click the highlighted words and fall into his trap!  I was taught how to shrink photos by this friend. It was a good thing I did, this bacon cheeseburger was much more than anticipated, full size would startle the reader! At any rate, I do not think I’ll eat one of these again. I should have put a ruler next to it to show how tall it was. When you combine a deep desire for a cheeseburger with Gary’s meals (which are well above the cut of a hand formed, grilled, stacked burger), well…you get this! The worst part of my yummy super salty dinner was that I picked it up from the restaurant at 535 and didn’t even get to eat it til after 7. I was fielding phone calls, unloading the car from my trip into town, and leaving to get mum batteries for her TV remote. The remote had read it needed new batteries, so mum put some in it. She insisted they weren’t working and she wanted to change the channel. I asked if they were in right and she emphatically stated they were. She guilted me into waiting dinner (I ate the fries) to go into town (the smaller one nearby, not the larger one with amenities) because she was going to dig in the trash for the old ones. When I got back with the new batteries, she had changed the channel. It appeared she HAD put them in wrong.

I’ve been hitting the diet pepsi hard tonight. I also had two Aleve with my burger. They’d been in my pocket all afternoon waiting for a moment when I could safely take a pain killer I had never taken before. I have had a headache pretty consistently for days. It appears to have abated at this time. I may ditch the 6 or more ibuprofen a day for a couple of these!!! I’m also annoyed cuz I’m so fat (another reason to eat a loaded burger!! Stress eating!); I had washed a blanket that pilled all over everything; my spouse called and didn’t understand I couldn’t talk to him cuz I was taking care of mum; when I was finally eating my sandwich, I heard mum in the kitchen and discovered she was after a pill I had given her an hour and a half earlier; and all in all, I was a bit grouchy. Not mad, more resigned to being irritated. I then recalled a quote by Will. “Cocktails are like women. One part beauty, 4 parts temper. Add a slice of sweetness.” I rarely drink anything other than bad for you unsweetened soda pop (I was a part of a discussion on alcoholic beverages tonight….dangerous fun!), but I had a blackberry white chocolate daiquiri once which I will never ever ever forget! I really think I’d like one tonight! It’s been a long day. Week. Month. Months……Mum thinks, because her hand hurts so very much, she might have broken it in the fall she had a while back. She sees a surgeon who is supposed to assess her for carpel tunnel surgery on Tuesday. He’ll know if it is broken or not. It isn’t swollen, it just hurts a LOT when she uses it. Or tries to use it. As it is her dominant hand, it is used more than the other one and is incredibly weak. She is also very nauseated tonight, was thoroughly chilled when I put her to bed, and about an hour ago was uncovered. I covered her back up and tiptoed out of the room. Amazed, I didn’t wake up that dog!!!!!

I am still having notification problems, but I manage. Hugs and kisses!!!!! K

5 thoughts on “Odd Bits

  1. In the mean-time (sorry… unsolicited advice again) you may want to see if your mom will let you at minimum wrap her wrist with an ace bandage, and if you’re lucky, maybe she will let you ice it a little.

    The chills & nausea are worrisome 😦 have you checked to see if she’s running a fever?

    Now… for you…
    WOMAN! If you are gonna eat the burger, ENJOY THAT THING! What’s the use in indulging in such sweet decadence if you’re simply going to spend hours shaming yourself for it??

    You are a beautiful woman, with a genuine, kind heart. You’re honest, and care about others. You love life. You love enjoying the good things life has to offer… good people, good food, good books, a good laugh… that’s not something to shame yourself over!

    Just came across a quote (literally, right before I read your post):

    “Every moment spent in unhappiness is a moment of happiness lost.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

    PS- that burger looks pretty dang tasty!

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    • One of my favorite authors to quote. :o) I’m not unhappy, it was just a long day! And we’ve done the ice thing and the temps are fine. Mum is an anomaly. And I don’t mind your advice! My sister…yes. You are cuter!

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  2. I would have scarfed that burger down waaaaaaay before going for batteries. Did y’all forget you can change the channel WITHOUT using the remote?? j/k Have a better day tomorrow!

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    • It wasn’t too bad cold!!! I was totally stuffed, such a good burger. About the remote, mum has a new TV and it was just easier getting her batteries she didn’t need! Today has been low key.

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