Second Sunday in May


I am baffled. My sister called and asked if we had plans for Mothers Day. Ummm, no. Plans with mum are hard to make. Then, I mentioned The Craftsman was coming up and he’d be here on Sunday. She asked if we wanted her to stay with mum so we could go on a date. I said it wasn’t necessary, then I was stupid and told her we don’t go on dates. It just isn’t something we do. Besides, what would she do but irritate mum? Mum would not go to the bathroom if anyone was here ( it smells really bad and embarrasses mum), my sister could not administer insulin, and nor would mum nap.

Later, I asked mum if we could have my sister and her family come over for dinner. Mum’s comments: ‘They can’t eat anything.’ ‘What would I cook for them?’ ‘ I think L has music lessons to teach that day.’ I rolled my mental eyes 👀 at her. 1. They eat many things. 2. Mum hasn’t cooked since October. 3. No one would give lessons on the afternoon or evening of Mothers Day. It is like she doesn’t want to see them. Then she gets all upset because she hasn’t seen them. I then suggested a before dinner dessert of strawberries and short cake. She won’t have time to bitch at my sister about homeschooling (my sister was frustrated because she couldn’t find more than a couple of days teaching on the Korean War and I told mum) and she can’t tear into my BiL for taking his family into a different faith and she can’t carp on my niece for how far behind she is and what she’d be doing in regular school. I mean, she can, but it will be super short compared to a dinner of ashes and gall.

Now, I have to talk to my sister. Can I be a chicken and text her?


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