WP is still acting up. So, when life gives us lemons we make lemonade. I have turned off the part in the comments where I need to approve of them. So, hoping any new followers can now follow. I don’t ever get oddballs, so am not too concerned about those yet. I am scrolling thru all the posts to read and comment, I am not responding to previous ones. It is too damn much work for this lazy old lady! (I had to laugh when I read about a 52 year old lover being well aged. Yup, that is me! Well aged….like whine. WINE!

Mum is doing ok. She has been walking more and deciding she only needs pain pills most of the time instead of almost all the time.  She has a consult next week to see when she might get the carpal tunnel surgery she is supposed to need. She had blood drawn today, I am sure all those stats will be fine. She is always fine. In pain, but always fine. I spent quite a bit of a car ride talking at God earlier this week. I’m still resigned.

Kinda like my problems with WP! Resigned. It is so annoying to see that red dot near the ‘bell’ on the notifications and not be able to do a dadblamed thing with them! OK, am off again. Duty calls..or at least is a very persistent buzz. Like a mosquito!




8 thoughts on “Lemonade?

  1. I have been having issues as well…. for example, when I click on “like” it doesn’t work… also seems to slow down my lap top and when writing, it sometimes won’t “type” what I write…. yup, frustrating! I wonder if there are hi jackers/hackers here? They are everywhere!

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  2. lost your blog! haha…. I swear, I hit unfollow on one blog and it unfollows another??? and did you ever figure out the deal with the keys? is that malware, you think? should I be worried? it’s mostly random letters on certain days. let me know. and I love your smile. it’s cheering me up right now! 💞

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    • I’ve lost blogs, too–but no, the Happiness Engineers are helping me and have told me I need to try a new browser. I’ve updated the one I’ve used since I started using the internet and i don’t really want to do a different browser. I’ll deal with the stupid issues. Like these replies, I am reading the notification and then answering them in my blog! Crazy!

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