Good Stuff when you Feel Icky.

20170504_140303-1 Look for the shiny bits in life!!!

“Whether you are sitting in your living room, using the bathroom, driving your car, or riding a bus or train, ask yourself, “What is right about my current circumstances?” “What makes me lucky to be here?” “What aspect of my current situation might I view as a gift to be treasured? How does it benefit me or others?” Taking time to think in this manner ignites gratitude. Take a few moments to savor and enjoy this good feeling. Now turn positivity off. Examples of positivity-spoiling questions are “What is wrong here?” “What is bothering me?” “What should be different and better?” “Who is to blame?” Ask yourself these questions, follow the chain of thoughts they produce, and see how quickly positivity plummets.” —( 101 solution focused questions for help with depression, Fredrike Bannink).

This is a quote found on a blog I follow. If you are feeling depressed or frustrated or just need another idea to help you cope, check it out. Looking for those bright bits is a definite good thing! I am lucky to be with mum, not everyone can take the time to be with a parental when they are ill. It is a gift to be home for an ENTIRE year! Hooray!!!! I do find it wonderful I can bitch online about all kinds of things and get advice and empathy from those around me. My sister’s advice is not quite as positive..nor are those of some of my other friends!!!

Keep on shining!!


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