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177743 I am still in the throes of confusion here. It is so frustrating!! The ‘bell’ icon gives me notifications, but I can’t click on them to respond. Like using a cell phone in a dead zone. You can sometimes ‘hear’ the person on the other end, but you can’t communicate. I’ve contacted the happiness engineers, but they haven’t gotten to my query yet. Scrolling thru the forum, there are a lot of people who have problems with WP. The oddest part, many of those problems are the same thing as one further on in the forum. I’ve found one or two people who have a problem similar to this one, but the results were inconclusive.

I CAN look at the comment, scroll thru the reader board to the particular blog, and sometimes I can comment there. Although, as mentioned previously, certain letters won’t work! Only on the comment part. I can drop ‘r’s and ‘l’s and others here and elsewhere on WP, but in the comments, I type like I am crafting a new secret code!!!! If I go to the blog and actually go into the actual blog site and not just from the reader board, I can manage to comment as usual. Opening up tabs and trying to not get lost as I scroll thru several comments to find the one I am looking for. It is entirely cumbersome. I also can’t ‘accept’ new followers. SO irritating!

I’ve not tried to get into either of my other two WP blogs yet. One of them is for blessings and although there HAVE been blessings the last day or two, this is not one of them! The other I have been updating once a week on Mondays.

Anyway, I am not ignoring my favorite blogs. I really miss communicating with Kent (or whoever he is!!!) and Stephanie and Becky and Gary and Ms Brown and Will (his stuff is sooooo good!) and so many more. However, life still continues. In spite of the oddities of technical issues online. The dryer just dinged, I’m trying to let mum do on her own again, and I’ve still got a few books to read.


3 thoughts on “More So

  1. I did notice, I have letters again. So, that is very cool!!!!! Still can’t use the notifications to check on things. I can READ them, just not do anything else. Silly.


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