How Annoying


WordPress is annoying. Which is really rather funny, too. I almost always have good rapport with WP Happiness Engineers and the blogging platform. This glitch, however, is so frustrating it is driving me bonkers! When I log into this particular blog, on the right is a ‘bell’ with notifications. (most of  us see this when we log into WP) Well, I can READ those comments made, but I cannot respond to any of them from the notification bar. The only way to do this is to scroll thru the reader posts to find the post/blog commented on and open it up and scroll thru the comments to find the one pertaining to me. I find this cumbersome. Especially, as some of those comments are several posts down!! Thus, if you have missed me (I am sure you have, I am such an exciting and thrilling poster!–laughing out loud here!!), it is because I am trying to figure out how to respond to you. Perhaps I need to polish my telepathic powers!!!!

I guess it is a good thing I am online so much today. 

18119307_1954996081193286_8882767648540519587_n It is much too cold to go outside and garden in the buff!!! I’ve always wanted to do this, but it has never quite managed to happen. The first Saturday in May, in the little town I normally live in, is super busy with city wide clean up and even with my fenced in yard, it would be impossible to do much without being completely covered. I had hoped to sneak out in mum’s yard. There are some things which need weeded, but today is COLD! Not breezy cold like yesterday, but overcast and  aching in my aged bones cold. If I do go outside, I will probably have on jeans and a zip up hoodie.

See, staying in front of the laptop and laboriously scrolling thru posts and blogs to find places where I have communicated with my favorite peoples is much more attractive! (although, I am having trouble with the ‘r’ on my keyboard, too. Most of the time it works, but not when I use it in a response!!!) 


4 thoughts on “How Annoying

  1. I’ve had some glitches on my notifications, too. Sheesh! Weird that you are having key trouble, too…my “s” key has been sticking…though, I did spill some wine on my laptop a couple weeks ago! haha, thought I got it all, but there is a small trace in the bottom left corner of my screen…lol, reminder of a funny night! Stay warm, you. hugs

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    • The keys thing only seems to be associated with working on WP. No whine..I mean ‘WINE’!!!!! I could only respond to your comment by going into my site information and opening up the posts I’ve written. Kind of like carrying an elephant upstairs.

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