Thank goodness for books!


What a crazy day!

Mum slept all morning, she wanted to go out for lunch, but I was pretty sure she would stay home. She gets too tired. Besides, mum’s nurse came today. She is frustrated with mum’s blood sugars. I told her it is because I give mom short acting insulin with every meal for her blood sugars, not for any of the carbs she might eat. AND mum snacks on things I haven’t given her. Which is probably good, she is now about 111 lbs. Yet, the nurse got frustrated and tried to tell me I need to feed her differently. I feed her what she LIKES, I feed her lots of protein all the time, I give her food she enjoys. And if she eats 54 carbs a meal, so be it. BUT, when her blood spikes, arrrg! I could fix it if I could give her insulin for those 54 carbs. I know Diabetes fairly well, I do keep up on ideas and methods. I cannot make mum do things she is supposed to.

While the nurse was here, the phone rang. It was mum’s pastor. She was calling from the Senior Center (about 5 min drive from mum’s house). She asked if mum was coming in to the Center today.  I told her mum wasn’t feeling well (I had texted her last week about mum’s fall). She said she was sorry mum wasn’t well and asked how an Easter gift could reach her. It turned out a lady dropped off a plant at the place we were living (before we moved back to mum’s house) and they were going to have mum get it today when she came in for lunch. BUT, since mum did not go to lunch, they didn’t know how to get it to her. I said to leave it on the front desk and I’d drive over and get it. I did. NOTE: there are SEVERAL people who visit the center who know where we live and pass by this house going to and from the facility.

After dinner I got two phone calls. One was my sister.  She was wondering if before Passover when her husband brought us the sourdough starter, ‘did we get TWO?’ She couldn’t find her starter. I was confused. At Passover, in her faith, you get rid of all that sort of stuff as it is not kosher. While we were talking, she found it. She had hidden it in the far back of somewhere. There has got to be a lesson in this somewhere!!!

The other call was The Craftsman. Someone had given him a smart phone of some kind and his coworkers were helping him use it. He first told me all my phone numbers were now on his phone. I blinked and asked him to explain this. What really happened was he ended up getting contacts from the family gmail account into his contact list. THEN he asked if I knew how to get on the internet. I was a bit surprised at this. While I have been gone, it was upgraded and I have no idea what the password is. The odd part? Our old internet ‘name’ and the new one are both visible as working networks. But, the old password won’t work (I had to tell him where it was and he can’t remember where the new one might be.) on the old network. I am pretty sure it is a case similar to when our eldest was in middle school. He didn’t get all his grades one semester and when I went in to meet the teachers, I found out why. Half of them knew him by his real name and the rest called him by his life long nickname! At any rate, I’m not in Oregon and I don’t really care at the moment how one gets online.

I am going to go and read–not the fun book I started which has me as a character (I’ll share that one later!). BUT, the super fun sexy dragon book. I am half done with it (I read FAST) and want another one, but the friend who loans them to me is really busy this week! Or I could read the 3rd book in Kent Wayne’s Echo series..or that Alaska one on the shelf behind me. I do love books!!!! Great places to run off to when life goes all skewy! 

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