I wrote about this in my blessing blog, but it is such a relief! Mum has credit cards. I paid them off, but forgot about little things like fees and a stupid payment to a company she never used, and some other stuff. I called the company today and they canceled the account without me needing to fax them my Power of Attorney papers or anything! It was so wonderful to talk to someone and get the job done quickly.

The second thing was mine. One of my best friends decided to send me some money to use up here in AK. She got a greendot visa debit card for me and I activated it in Feb. For a fee! Then, I used it. Just a couple of times. I didn’t know how much she had put on the card, it wasn’t my place to know. The gift was there and I used it when I needed to. BUT, suddenly, I couldn’t. I didn’t mind too much, it was a gift and I was able to use a different account for the items I was purchasing. Yet, I wondered. After the bit with paying mum’s cards off and getting nailed by fees, I decided to research this card I had in my wallet. Dancing around the website took a bit, but I found the information I needed and immediately called the company. Finally, I reached a human who canceled the card. I also owed them $3.84, which they also canceled! I thought that was super nice of them, to add money to the card would cost me $4.95 before the almost $4 for the late fee! And I hadn’t registered it yet, activation was only the first step. When they sent the ‘new’ card to my address, it was couldn’t be delivered. I think the whole thing was a bit of a snafu for all involved.  

I have another awful headache, but I am so relieved to not have that to pester my tired brain! I am going to go read about sexy dragons after mum’s health nurse leaves. Unless mum has chores for me. Thinking about it, I bet the dragons will need to wait……They will! Dragons are good like that. 


2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Moving forward and making small steps here and there is always good. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too…
    …the Dragons probably need it as much as you do. 🙂

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