Just keep Quiet.

Shut-up Mum must be feeling better. At lunch time, I got her lunch for her and her meds and then she decided she wanted a shower right after lunch. I had to wait to eat mine. Thankfully, I can eat quickly because mum was going to have a visitor and I was going to run a couple of errands while the friend was here. When I got back from my errands, I fed the birds and was taking photos.  The visitor was interested and asked me a question when I came inside. So, we chatted birds for quite a while. Mum was a bit put out and began talking over us to the dog and making him bark. I finally left to retire to my basement abode again!  At 530, I made dinner and when it was ready, she wasn’t. She was brushing Mittens. She knew I ws getting dinner ready. (She does not eat at the table…there is barely room for me at her table!) I bring her a plate (I bought a pretty tray, but she doesn’t like it) to balance on her lap (all the TV trays have stuff on them….). I was almost done with mine, when she was ready for hers. Later, she was talking about the carpal tunnel surgery she needs and I mentioned The Craftsman (my spouse) was going to have this done before he comes up to visit. (I have not mentioned his visit much to mum, it just adds fuel to the fires.) She asked if there would be a place for him. I told her I’d moved things in the basement so the brand new never been used hideabed could be used. She then said it wasn’t very comfortable because it was a cheaper model. (she purchased it from a store which has very high end made in America stuff..or at least high prices!!) She suggested he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep very well on it. Then, she talked about how her own hand was so bad because she froze it when she was 15. I mentioned frostbite didn’t really affect carpel tunnel and commented I had frostbit my hands around 16 or 17. She then said she had been lying in a snowbank and it made her hands really bad (she taught and has played piano for decades). She is also annoyed the woman doing mum’s taxes hasn’t contacted her yet. (mum has not done them for a while, but since I gave them to the woman in Nov, they should be done  and she wants to know how much she’ll get back. “You did give her all the receipts and things, didn’t you???”–I didn’t tell her the tax woman didn’t want all those bits of paper!) I really wish it was time for her to go to bed. BUT, all her picking means she must feel up to her normal self again! At least for these hours. I’ll just need to remember to bite my tongue or zip my mouth! 


12 thoughts on “Just keep Quiet.

  1. as a former HHA, it is imperative to take care of YOU first…
    It brings to mind when taking a flight, you are advised from the start to put your oxygen on first before assisting others. I always find myself thinking of this and it’s meaning….

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