Morning Lights


Found on Pinterest-Spiky

I woke up at 4 to get mum to the bathroom and glanced out the window. The sky above the trees was a bright blue green. I could see it well, even without my glasses! I blinked a bit, wondering about the odd sunrise (remember, I had been asleep and in the basement!). I went and got mum up, shook the little bottle of cheerio bribes to get the dog moving, and stepped outside. It had stopped raining and was pleasantly chill. Once again, I looked toward the lake and realised what was going on up there. The band of color was pulsing and undulating around the few black clouds, turning the partially frozen lake top into a mosaic of illuminated broken ice. Mesmerized, I stood on the step watching the sky. It changed from vivid blue to greens to a bright white and faded to creams. Behind me, the entire world was black. I kept hearing ducks (I assume they were ducks!) fly past and even heard something splash down into the ebony waters below. I put mum back to bed and continued to watch from the living room window. Now, I know why mum would rather sleep on the couch. She has a darn good view of the sky from that spot! She had told me she had been awakened by the lights before, but she wasn’t interested today.  So, I perched on a chair and marveled at the display. When I finally decided to go back to sleep, the lights had merged into one giant muddle of bright. I looked at my watch and was surprised it was only 430, the entire show had lasted such a short time! I smiled and laughed at myself. How silly I was to think it was a sunrise. Not only do sunrises generally stick to the red spectrum, it also comes up in a totally different part of the sky! 

12 thoughts on “Morning Lights

  1. But if you hadn’t thought it was a sunrise, you might have missed the view that was spectacular enough to spark some literature-worthy imagery!

    You’re a gifted writer! Do you write short stories?

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