Biggest Food Pet Peeve.


Just because you have rice on your plate, you don’t need soy sauce. All hamburger dishes do not demand ketchup. Fish does not always require tartar sauce. When I make something, I would really like you to TASTE it before drowning it. Like the ‘almost Gary’ halibut I made for dinner with cheese and mayo slathered on top before baking. Mum? She saw it on her plate and demanded tartar sauce! My FIL, when he was alive, always had to have jelly/jam for his biscuits (or rolls, which he called biscuits). I cringed when he put strawberry jam on the garlic and onion rolls I had made! 


3 thoughts on “Biggest Food Pet Peeve.

  1. Seriously, strawberry jam on garlic and onion rolls? Ewww!!!

    Nasty. :o))

    My best friend loves to have A1 on everything. After 24 years of friendship, he finally got me to try it on Shepard’s Pie. I gotta say, it wasn’t half bad.

    Flavoring should be used for FLAVOR, not bathing! 😉

    Love your funny. So darn witty! xo

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