College Paper: Premarital Sex Y/N?

collegegirls (2) It must have been my second year at the small Christian college I attended. One of the English professors decided to have his students write about premarital sex. I think it was some sort of persuasive thing. You could choose which side to present. EVERYONE wrote on how horrible it would be to have sex before marriage and why you should never do this. Which made me laugh a bit. I knew some of those students and they were not waiting to be wed! I wasn’t in the class, but I decided to write a paper for it anyway. I wrote about premarital sex being a positive thing and cited some scripture. I had a friend hand it in, I didn’t put my name on it, and it was a joke. One of those obscure kind where none of the main characters know how it ends. It was for my own personal satisfaction. Unfortunately, I don’t have the paper or rough drafts anymore (I am pretty sure I obliterated the incriminating evidence from my dorm room!). I’d like to go back and read it! The most ironic part of the paper was being written by one of those waiting mostly virgins (I eventually caved, but it was really boring and I didn’t see what the hoopla was all about)!

I was young and very inexperienced. Even if I didn’t have ‘virgin tits’! I knew the mechanics and some about boys, but for the most part, it was a paper written out of pure imagination. I do recall using verses from the Song of Songs to emphasize my point. King Solomon’s and his girl were incredibly randy and I was pretty sure the two were not married. (I mentioned to a college friend once how the Song of Songs was the most erotic book I’d ever read. His comment? ‘I’ve never read it that way before.’ I picked my jaw up off the floor and changed the subject.) Needless to say, it was a fun paper to write. I do wish I had the rough version, I’m sure it would make me laugh today!


8 thoughts on “College Paper: Premarital Sex Y/N?

  1. You raise an interesting topic. I think as more mature women, we laugh at it now, but gosh, remember how it was? Bleh. I wonder if this is even a yardstick anymore? Ha. I mean, I can’t imagine marrying someone without having been there nowadays. I don’t want to find out later that it would be awful between us? Conversely, you run the risk of hyping the pre-marital, only to discover that marital goes south and stays there. Boo. Which is worse? Haha.

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    • And sometimes that premarital is more fun than after. The sense of danger/wrongness/celebration of sex vanishes when you marry. Especially the first two!


  2. I went to a strict Catholic school and look how that turned out for me on the sex front lol
    Im never getting married but if I did. I couldn’t imagine not trying before you buy so to speak

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  3. You should write again…put yourself back in time. Then, write it from today’s perspective. Btw, put me in that time capsule with you so we can work on improving that first-time experience!😃🔥

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