How appropriate for today

The ducks are flocking in to find new nesting sites (or refurbish old ones!). I was reminded as I was watching them, I often come back home in the spring. The first summer I came back to Alaska, it was April 29. That was just a few summers back. Everything has a season. Trees, ducks, lakes, people. It is comforting. 

I am sitting here waiting to ‘change’ mum. Her fitting is leaking and she is not wanting to have it taken care of yet. Probably because she wants to do it herself and it won’t last if she does. The longer she waits the messier it is. She has been doing a lot of sleeping, she insists she is ‘fine’ and will be well soon. Well, her Doctor says the same thing. I chose to be caught into the cycle of mum, but it is so long! I’ve been tidying up the basement in the hopes that I can leave and we can find a caregiver. I want them to feel comfortable amid the clutter. If that is even possible. At any rate, even if we don’t find anyone, I will feel more comfortable!!!!! Granted, there are places where I’ve stacked boxes taller than I am. It should be ok…we haven’t had a solid earthquake for more than a year on the Kenai! (solid is probably not the right word!)

I remember thinking how I wanted to spend a whole year up here. I suppose I can be glad there isn’t any sewage or yards being dug up. (so far that has been the theme for every summer! I do wonder where and how long this season will last. 


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