Hidden Treasures!

20170427_013112 When it is time for mum to go to bed and I’m waiting for her, this is the most tempting place in the world! Boxes and drawers and containers of sparklies!!!!!! In one of the boxes there is a super awesome VERY shiny beaded necklace, in another some ulu earrings I’d wear in a second, and then inside the ‘shutters’ there is a string of pearl like beads which are soooo pretty. I don’t have much reason to wear necklaces (they sort of look odd with sweatshirts or a t when you are just hanging around a house). I do like to wear them if I dress nice (RARE occurrence!) and I almost always wear my amethyst stone on the cord. That goes against my skin. BUT, oh my…so many lovely things to peruse. They really need sorted  or organised. But, mum would notice and be a bit unhappy. Not being able to wear jewelry is a sort of sad thing and there are most likely a great many memories in those miscellaneous boxes. I can wait. 


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