It’s the barometric pressure, right?


Mum, if she has a pain somewhere or her blood sugars do odder than usual things or if she is tired, blames it on the barometer. I sometimes wonder if she relates her cancers to this as well.

Today, I have a horrible (for me) headache 🤕. I think, personally, it is from the crazy sinus issues I have been having. However, it doesn’t matter. I cannot stay in a warm shower all day, I don’t have a humidifier, nor do I want to sleep with a cold pack on my neck. (Ok, that last one I might do later!) I also sometimes rest with a wet washcloth over my nose and eyes. I need water! I only write these because I do try different things to help me feel better. When I can. I did mention it to mum. She asked me what the barometric pressure was. I shook my head.

It is sort of thinking about rain outside. I don’t see it doing much more than a light sprinkle. A good day to do inside stuff. At the moment, I am cooking down a chicken carcass. I love ❤️ love tearing up the remnants of a chicken. A mindless and delicious chore. I pick those bones clean and then use the meat and broth for stellar meals. Chicken soup is comforting and I am pretty sure I can make it without checking the barometer!

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