finished this finally

This week has been pretty horrid. And then, tonight, it was like my insulin wasn’t working (I know it is, but for some damn reason my blood sugars are over the top). I have been thinking about my marriage and texted my husband this morning. He texted he’d call me tonight. At 11pm, he sent me a text saying he’d for sure call me tomorrow night.  I found this poem I started the day after our anniversary last year. It is rather filthy and isn’t quite as ‘cute’ in the ending, but I’m tired of everything. 

Once, if I’m lucky.                                                                                                                                       (by me)

He nibbled my nipples and palmed them both well,                                                             Then slipped off his clothes in less than a bell.

His body so strong was primed for the task,                                                                               Yet never a question of me did he ask.

Slipping inside and moving so quick,                                                                                                I knew in a heartbeat, I loved his big dick.

I liked the sensation of being so full,                                                                                             Yet it was just sex, nothing to thrill.

He withdrew for a moment and then went back to the job,                                                         Pushing and filling my cunt with his nob.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to work.                                                                         In moments he was done, with a thrust and a jerk.

He withdrew in haste, kissing my neck,                                                                           Thanking me kindly, What the heck????

If he’d only asked, I would have said,                                                                                              “Play with my clit, put ideas in my head.”

“Play with my body, I even have toys!”                                                                                           Sex is something for both to enjoy.

Yet, he won’t ask. Or even think.                                                                                                          He just assumes and I cringe and shrink.

A dishcloth is near to wipe himself clean,                                                                                         He hands one to me, it’s his routine.

A vigorous wipe and water to drink,                                                                                                  He’s relaxed and ready to drop off the brink.

In the darkness, I touch his wetness on me,                                                                                     It feels so good, virile seed in my ‘V’.

He is almost asleep! I tidily suck                                                                                               Small fingers clean of the one sided fuck.

He begins to snore, my body must wait.                                                                                           For my yearning touch, while next to my mate.

I quietly climax, trying hard not to shout.                                                                                       I do love to scream my ecstasy out!

I steady my breath, he’s not stirred.                                                                                                   I cannot believe he hasn’t heard.

But, he never does. He never knows.                                                                                                 I want more, but that’s how it goes.

I sigh in the night, I suppose I should sleep.                                                                                 To dream of cumming, after counting damn sheep.


11 thoughts on “finished this finally

    • I read this and laughed out loud. Nope. He is not a toy person. He is not a person who wants me to read naughty stories. He would be appalled to know I have this blog. He does not like I want to write anything sexual.


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