The Rose

IMG_3389 - Copy One of the bloggers I follow writes up a post each Sunday on song lyrics. Today’s made me remember the song called ‘The Rose’. I enjoy learning background stories. I had no idea there was one for the song itself! As I read this piece about how the song became a part of Bette Midler’s line up, I laughed. One of the lines in the article reads, “I screeched into my drive way, ran into the house, past various bewildered dogs and cats and husbands, and sat down at the piano.” I wonder, just how many husbands were there!!!???!!!

This song was a theme for one of my HS proms. I read through the lyrics again, wondering. I don’t remember why, but the movie had been shown to us free of charge and then it was part of the prom. What a tragic story to use in high school! The song is lovely and heart wrenching. Granted, there is a promise at the end and it does haunt. OK, I guess the song does kind of resemble high school!!! 


5 thoughts on “The Rose

  1. I like Bette Midler and I remember this when it came out. The movie was certainly depressing, but I don’t think the song is gloomy at all. I think it’s a song about not being afraid to try new things. Especially falling in love. And I don’t think Bette wrote the song. For some reason, I don’t think the song fits the movie and don’t know why she would have chosen this for the movie. But I’m a guy and I probably have my facts screwed up. Did you know Conway Twitty covered this song? And thanks for the pingback! 🙂

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