Silver in a setting of hell

20170422_083241 ‘Hellfighters’ was on TV today. I love this movie, it is one of my favorites and I’d have watched it, but I was kind of tired. I also didn’t want to listen to mum say over and over, ‘I don’t have this movie, I wish I had this movie, I should get this movie.’ She has a double STACK of DVDs in her room (not the ones on VHS or the ones elsewhere) she has not even opened!!!!!  

Around 130, I got to escape again. I took mum to a funeral and a friend was going to bring her home. I’d come back later with dinner. I saw a movie I’ve wanted to see for a very long time. OK< since it arrived on the big screen. I am also very glad I did not see it on a big screen. It made me very mad. 


‘Hidden Figures’. It is about NASA and black women’s rights and striving to get above where you have been made to sit. Reaching for the stars and attaining them. It is about change and looking further than what is possible to the improbable and making it happen. I highly recommend this movie. I was fortunate to watch it with a dear friend who lived in those times (I was a toddler, if that!). I am also fortunate to have grown up in a place where differences of any kind were accepted. In fact, about the only time I noticed a difference in people were when the folks from the Russian Village came to town. The ladies wore such pretty things and they all spoke a foreign language. Anyway, watch this movie. You will not regret it.

Then, I came  home. With dinner and found on the sidewalk outside, bloodstains.  A lot of them. At first, I thought maybe the dog had been injured. There was too much blood. I walked in the house and saw mum. OMG!!!!!!! (I don’t normally share mum in here as a photo, but this was ridiculous.)

20170422_183635 Apparently, she came home from the service and told her friend she was going to change clothes and rest. She did change her clothes, she did not rest. She found some bulbs and planted them (next to the house where the ground is mostly ice free), she decided to clean off the bird feeders (scrub them), and on one of her forays out of the house, Mittens escaped. Mittens is an inside only cat. So, mum, from the second step of the cement steps outside the house, bent down and grabbed her tail. Which made Mittens upset. Then, the dog got excited and went underfoot and mum? She face planted on the cement sidewalk.

We finally got to the ER. AFTER the hockey game ended and after she had eaten dinner and taken some meds. The doctor finally saw her (we waited for a very long time). His first words? “You look fabulous!” He had read her chart and expected to see a sick woman. He asked her a few questions, dabbed her forehead with some gauze, taped it up for fun, and sent us home. Mum said she felt silly and I get that. She also said she didn’t know why she fell. I said it was because she was sick and trying to do things she is not ready for. She said, “I’m not sick!” I looked at her and said, ‘If you are not sick, why do I need to help you so much?” ‘OH.” was her response.

Focusing on the stars and not the bloody sidewalk!



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