One of my FAVORITE things-

hipporain When I left Alaska to go to college, I ended up in Portland, Oregon. In later years, I lived about 17 years on the Oregon coast. This Alaskan girl grew to adore rain. A lot. I just got up (I just got up, I didn’t want to!!! I had just fallen to sleep an hour or so ago) to let mum’s dog out and see how she is doing. (she wanted another pain pill) When I opened the door, I was greeted by the next best thing to snow. RAIN!!! I love and adore rain. I think it is the Aquarius in me, but oh, it is so wonderful! And the best part? We actually need rain at this time! Hoping that ‘drip drip drop little April showers’ keeps on in the gentle tones! (one of my favorite tunes!) 


6 thoughts on “One of my FAVORITE things-

  1. Oooooh Kris., I love the rain ☔️ too.. I guess it’s because I’m also an Aquarius girl…

    Glad 😁 to see mum is holding her own..
    I know how it feels to want to sleep 😴 a little longer but have Get up…
    but you can’t sleep in when you have something /someone to take of .. like mum..

    Enjoy the rain ☔️ .. the sound. The Feeling it gives..
    you just feel like sitting and looking out on it coming down.. and you get lost in your thoughts… as it calms your mood and seems to wash away your worries..
    Love that little song too…

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