On a Cloud

heartcloud Mum has this very thick not small down comforter. Today has been difficult, mum is much the same, but I forgot to take my long acting insulin again last night. Only this time, I wasn’t sure for sure and waited til this morning to take some. When my blood sugars went all wonky and everything was ridiculous. I did a lot of sleeping (I do this when my sugars are really bad, it is as if my body needs to shut down and rest) and some of it was under this cloud blanket. I imagine clouds must be like this blanket-slippery and heavy and warm. (I know they are NOT, but it is nice to imagine it!)

I was a good place to imagine being touched and pleasured. The warm heaviness atop of me, the awkward moving around on a too small surface, and the feeling of being surrounded by comfort. I’ll have to sleep under it in less than full clothing sometime! 


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