Our 24 toed cat, Moses.

My day started out with a promise of seeing someone dear to me. Wasn’t sure it would happen, but I so wanted it. And not just cuz I would get a shower during my visit!

The water at mum’s house has never been powerful, I didn’t think about it much. It was just an odd thing at mum’s. Except, it wasn’t. And was getting worse.Β I had mentioned it a couple of times to the The Toyman (he makes wooden toys in his spare time). After he heard what I was planning on doing, he came out to look at things. Mum had hired him for a number of projects over the years, although she hadn’t asked for advice in draining a water heater (it did not need it). He came out when I was planning on leaving. I helped for a bit, then when he left to get more parts, I left, too. 😊

I was met by my friend with open arms, some much desired TLC, and enjoyed myself thoroughly. πŸ’œπŸ’œ Life intervened and I was able to take a lovely shower. During the shower, the lights dimmed and it got dark and then light. I started giggling, sure my friend was playing with the switch. I peeped out and found no one was there. I immediately stopped giggling! It happened a couple more times and I finished and dried off, eyeing the switch nervously. While tidying up the bath, the rod holding the curtain fell! 😳 I am very glad nothing happened while shaving delicate bits!

The rest of the day was filled with more wonderful people, calling me by name (so nice when people in people jobs recognize this particular people!) and helping me get things done. I did discover at one business, I was having trouble proving I was me because I had given them part of my Oregon phone number and not my i.d. πŸ€”

I got back to mum’s and found we have a sturdy stream of water! πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽ‰ A true cause for celebrating! Also, my dad restored jukeboxes. He left lots of itty bitty tools, thus, I can fix my glasses. πŸ‘“ A screw came out, popping the lens out onto the couch. Am so glad it was in a place where I could find the pieces!

Yes, I am a very contented girl, today. Golden days are a joy!


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