Need an attitude adjustment!

bunnyboots Bunny boots are an Alaskan thing. They are not boots with rabbits in them, but this photo is particularly cute! I am sharing it cuz when I sent off the boxes of Easter treats, I thought it was cute. And a mom thing. Well, it was a mom thing. I just need to remember that mom’s…well…we are often just the mom. Sometimes we expect one thing, only to find it might really be something else. Or is it? 

14900477_1249547131759493_385142145576833618_n Monday evening I got a text from the VA kid who calls often. ‘I got the box.’ Tonight, I get a text from my spouse saying pretty much the same thing and that he’d call later. He did. He said on the phone it had arrived and the younger son was enjoying the gum. I mentioned the gum had been for him, but was reminded I had not put names on anything. The son was overheard in the background to say, ‘The ulu is mine!’ I laughed a bit, I had mentioned that in the short note I had packed in the box.  Later, after several pauses in the conversation and subject changes, my husband said ‘Thank you.’ It was in an odd place and I asked him, ‘For what?’ He replied, ‘The box.’ I said it was no problem and said I had used the debit card to mail them. Which brought the conversation back to money and I was sorry I used the card to pay part of my Alaskan phone bill the other day. (I generally use saved cash for this, but ended up needing to pay the cab guy for breaking into mum’s car)

It was odd. There wasn’t any mention of the several dozen PB chocolate chip cookies I’d packed in it or the candy or the Alaskan ice cream scoop I had purchased for him.  I am a silly girl. He did say thank you and he did call me. My attitude is in need of adjustment! 


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