tableIt has come to my attention I did not share this story as I said I would. It is a bit too long, but whatever! Hope you enjoy it- Babysitting for the Cop

Lea looked up from her book on the dining room table and cocked her head toward the ceiling. The footsteps she heard were louder than the smaller ones the twins would make. She had been hired to watch some preschoolers for a family and it was their naptime. She was pretty sure they were down for at least an hour, but sometimes they were more rambunctious than usual. She heard a door close softly and knew their dad had checked on them. Lea smiled to herself and shrugged off her button up shirt. Now, she was sitting demurely at the table, reading in a skirt and bra. She had already removed her panties.

Seducing the dad in the family had never been in her plans, but plans change.

The dad, a local police officer, worked nights and worked out in his off time. He was often home in the afternoon for several hours. He also had a tendency to wander the house after he woke, wearing nothing but a pair of partially buttoned Levis with a visible, delectable happy trail. At first, Lea was embarrassed. Over time, she grew aroused and now, she was going to show him what happened when he teased the babysitter. She had been hired because of her decades of sitting experience and today she would share some of her other talents with this man of the house.

The old stairs creaked on each step. Lea’s tingled from her head to her toes and she felt warmth between her legs. She was so ready to take down this cute, younger cop. She knew when he reached the edge of the dining room on his way to the kitchen for his ‘morning’ cup. He stopped and she felt his stare. She looked up from her book, staring back firmly. Lea knew his favorite color was green, which was why she was wearing a sheer green bra. She reached down to the bag near her feet and pulled out the matching see thru panties and placed them on the book. They shared reading tastes and this particular fantasy novel was one from his shelves. The part the cloth was draped over was erotic. Judging from the crease marks in the book, it was a favorite section. He looked at the book and back up at her breasts.

“Read it.” his gravelly voice seemed hoarser than usual. ‘Please?’

Lea grinned to herself. First step in the take down. He’s off balance and asking for something. She licked her lips, making sure he saw every movement of her agile tongue and proceeded to read the words on the page. She had to move the panties and she heard his breath catch as her fingers rubbed the fabric while she spoke. She noticed he had moved closer when she reached the last sentence in the scene.

His eyes darted between her fingers and her prominent nipples displayed through the bra. She noticed his hands clenching and a bulge looking to burst from the few buttons he’d closed on his jeans. She deliberately looked at his groin and licked her lips again. Then she spoke.

“Did you enjoy that?”

At his nod, she gestured toward the chair she’d left angled near the table.

“Would you like to sit down?”

He dropped to the seat in an instant. Lea stood up, showing off her short skirt and bare stomach. It wasn’t tight like a teen, but she was pretty sure this policeman was the poster child for ‘show a man a naked woman and he’ll do anything she asks.’ He’d already passed the second step. Answering questions and following directions. She flipped up her skirt, showing a bare pussy, and he reached for her. She stepped back.

“No. All good things come…”

He smiled at her. “to those who wait.”

Lea walked behind him and trailed her panties over the hard shoulders and around his neck. She whispered into his ear how at first she had been nervous around him, but not anymore. She licked at the tip of his ear and then down the edge. She kissed and nibbled over the chiseled planes of his shoulders and flicked her tongue on the throbbing vein at the side of his neck. He sat perfectly still, virile granite. If there was such a thing. Lightly, she traced the tattoos on his back and biceps with fingers and lips and tongue. She moved to his front and gazed at the dazed off duty police officer. Lea placed her hands on his shoulders and ran them down his chest as if she were examining a solid wall hiding a secret. She placed them flat on his thighs and leaned over to his cheek. Her voice whispered words as her hands followed the muscles under his jeans.

“I am going to sit on the table and you will do exactly as I ask. Can you, a dominant, strong policeman, do that for me?”

 At his nod, she moved to the table, boosted herself up with her toe on the edge of his chair, and sat bare assed where his wife put her plate during meals.

“Turn around and face me, like you are seated for dinner, but not too close.”

He did exactly as she asked and she knew this younger hot cop with a family was hers to take. She was going to play with this man. He deserved it. Her hands ran over her torso, moving over the lace and then under it. Lea lifted her breasts out of her bra and propped them on the edges of the cups. This move held them up and squashed them together. He seemed to like the lewd display. Deftly, Lea’s hands moved over her body, rolling and pulling on the taut nipples. The policeman seemed to be panting. His mouth was open a bit. She could see his heart vein pounding and took pity on the man. She bent forward and offered him a breast. He latched onto the nipple like a starving infant. Her back curled into him and she groaned as he suckled her tit. His tongue laved around the areole, lips tugging on the protruding pink nub. She was dropping into ecstasy. She wanted more.

“Touch my pussy. Finger fuck me!”

His long fingers trailed up her leg, slipping under her skirt.  Lea spread her legs further apart. He slid on her heat and then dove into her wet hole leaving his thumb to press on her clit. One hand reached back to hold her ass still, the other was magic. Thrusting and pumping, his arm moved like an orgasm machine. He continued to follow her lead until her juices gushed into his hand. He could feel her quiver around the fingers still inside. He wanted to taste her, but didn’t move from where she had him pressed against her breast. At her request, he held his soaked hand up for her to lick off. Lea tasted herself on his lean, strong hands and closed her eyes with the exquisite memory of their dexterity. Suddenly, she heard something and hopped off the table. In seconds she had grabbed her top and panties and was dressed.

“The twins will be down shortly. Scurry off to your shower! Shoo!”

Wide eyed, the policeman looked at the suddenly businesslike babysitter. How had she gotten tidy so fast?

“But, I didn’t come,” he almost whined the words.

She grinned at the tall, steely muscled baby sitting in the chair in front of her. Gently, she kissed him on his forehead, pulled him up, turned him to the bathroom, and swatted his sexy ass.

“You were good, but you can wait.”


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