I’m not sick

IMG_4166 I’m annoyed. If I could only get out onto the lake and be naked in the kayak with my quietest toy! Unfortunately, the lake is solid ice and the temps are about 29, with the wind.

I had thought I could get away this morning, but she didn’t let me. OK, it was my choice to stay with her. I had just given her two of her pain pills and felt nervous about letting her sleep without me here. I had planned to be gone thru lunch and I honestly wasn’t sure she’d wake to take her shots or even eat.  She has trouble taking her shots anyway. It was 11 am when the dog woke her to play (he put a toy next to her face and barked). I heard the TV go on and went upstairs to give her a breathing treatment (she had already set it up, last night. Hope the solution is ok for sitting out for more than 12 hours!). When I went up, she asked me if I was sick. No, just frustrated in a way you don’t necessarily mention to your mum! 



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