Gold spot in an Alexander Day


Absolute best photo of about 24 taken today. I think I will use this one several times! 

An Alexander Day is one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ones. The kind which happen, even in Australia. (Right, Gary?) My blood sugars were high when I checked this morning. They were fine last night. I think I’m overly stressed and under sexed. Or just over stressed. No, well, both.

Anyway, got mum up for her appointment and managed to get fairly organised. Mum was a tad put out with something while I was driving, don’t recall what. Got to the appointment and I had two bags I was sorting to take one inside. As I shut the door to the car, I remembered, I had taken the keys from my pocket to put in a bag. The bag I left inside the car. So, I called the local cab company. I’ve done this sort of thing, at the exact same place,  before. Mum was extremely put out with me. If she had been driving she’d have not locked the keys in the car. Other people do such things, and sometimes mum, but NOT when it is important. Suddenly, while pacing outside, I noticed mum was gone. She’d gone to her appointment without me. I waited for the cab company, who excels in breaking and entering, and chatted to a lovely lady who taught mum how to make onion rings. Mum also taught her kids piano. The super awesome man from Alaska Cab arrived and managed to get into the car…and set off the alarms. I could not unlock the car doors and had to climb around the seat to get to my bag in the back seat to get the key. A Chrysler Pacifica is a pain in the butt. I went back in and found out they did not want me to sit in the appointment at all. I was so MAD. Mum has no memory of what is what. Later, I found out mum’s person in charge didn’t have results from a blood draw done last week. They had been faxed to her by the most incredible nurse taking care of mom with home health. Mum didn’t remember who had done it last or that they had been sent in already. But, I wasn’t there to give them this information!

On the way home, I asked if she wanted to see a friend or eat lunch at the local SR Center. No. She did not. She had silly excuses for each one (It is too early to visit and I don’t know the menu at the center). Got home, she took a nap, I woke her for a late lunch, changed her fitting for her ileostomy, and then went outside to call my aunt on my cell phone (it won’t work in the house) while mum napped more. During my conversation, the house phone rang. Mum had to wake from her nap  and answer it. She was annoyed I had not gotten it first (hung up on my aunt).  I tried to find out where the call came from, appears to have been a private number. During mum’s appointment today, we found out she may need carpal tunnel surgery on her hand and they’d call her to make an appointment. It wasn’t them.  But, I talked to my sister, who was also a ‘not picked up number’. She told me how her daughters (a 28 year old and an 11 year old..or is she 12?) don’t like to visit with mom on the phone or in person because Nana is mean.  It made me sad. My 28 year old son calls my mum every so often and chats for a very long time.

The gold part was next. Mum finally woke up and I decided to go on another hike to look for birds. (I really wish I had taken the ornithology class in college I wanted to take, but it wasn’t in the major I don’t use)  Didn’t see much, but it was an incredible walk. I was glad. Coming home sucked. It was dinner time and I checked my blood. It had been just over 250 when I left for my walk. When I got back? It was over 350. So much for moving being good for you. Sheesh.

Mum told me we should have eaten at the center, they had roast beef. I rolled my eyes while I was rushing around in the kitchen. I forgot to get mum’s shot and her pancreas enzymes with the dinner (it was a convoluted dinner). I got her breathing treatment for her and started my wash. I started my wash because, well, I needed to. BUT, I also came downstairs because I scratched my shoulder and started to bleed on my new shirt!!!!!!  I got a band aid and started my laundry. Which is why I am online. While I was upstairs watching baseball and giving mum her meds,  the damn machine started to beep. I came down to babysit it and it has only beeped once. To tell me it was done. (it is still not working well, I turn off the cold water for the last spin cycle) And just now? Mum yelled at me. ‘Do I need my breathing treatment?’ She had forgotten she had gotten it.

I’d go to bed, but there is still several hours of of day left! 

3 thoughts on “Gold spot in an Alexander Day

  1. This is actually the very first time I enjoyed reading someone’s daily life.. I mean like really really enjoy! My mom took care of my grandmother too and I know how patient you ought to be in some situations. (Or almost everytime)

    When these blessings of taking good care of your parents come back to you and your family, happiness is all you will have in abundance!

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    • Want to come to Alaska and visit?? I don’t normally do a play by play. Annoys the heck out of me when people do this on FB. But, I needed to in order to get the context right! Bad day poems might be fun to write-you know, when you spill paint on a project on accident and it become beautiful?


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