I love dragons!

qcBoR4Kni From the time I was small, dragons fascinated me. I think it started when I was reading tales of King Arthur and felt sorry for the dragons. Later, I found Pern. I love everything Anne wrote (her son sort of changed the series a bit), I usually read Anne’s books in February. Every story is about a relationship and they are beautiful. After Pern, I dabbled in dragons. Patricia Wrede’s Kazul is a favorite and the story I read in an anthology about how cats are really dragons tamed by milk is perfectly logical (which is why you need to remember to give cats milk or they might revert back into dragons!). The Hobbit never really seemed to be a dragon story. The Earthsea Trilogy was! Mercedes Lackey has quite a couple of VERY good series with dragons in them. I often read Joust over and over and over. Such great sentences in that book. Phrases you read over and over because they make your spine tingle. 

NSFW dragon books are great fun. I really enjoyed a shape shifting erotica series by Julia Mills, but I kept wanting it to END! I’ll download the rest one of these days. Then, one of my best friends (who hasn’t been answering his phone lately….) got me into another series. G.A. Aiken.  I was loaned a couple of the books and managed to read one while mum was in the hospital, but I finally picked up another one and…well, I am off to finish it!!! Books are so much FUN!!! Dragon shape shifters are gorgeous and ones who enjoy sex are even more interesting!!! 


10 thoughts on “I love dragons!

  1. I love Dragons too Kris. Dragons are powerful but have the softest heart to the right people. The Earthsea trilogy I loved. Another book series that would fuel your love for Dragons is Kate Forsyth’s Witches of Eileanan series. It is amazing but most of all, it revolves around Dragons being the eldest creature and full of wisdom.

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