Mallard family on lake a couple of years ago

It isn’t quite time for ducks, the lake is still covered in ice. The swans are back on what we call ‘the flats’ by the Kenai river, but our lake is duck free. The house? Not so much.

 Mum is considered a risk for falling. She stumbles and wavers in her walk like a drunk on the 4th of July. But, it isn’t summer and she isn’t partying. She has a tendency to walk from the bathroom to her bedroom dressed like a toddler. She doesn’t pull up her britches and duck walks from room to room. I have mentioned it to her, but she doesn’t seem to care. I reckon I’ll just pull up her britches when she falls and hope nothing is broken so I need to call 911.

And like a duck, I need to let it roll off my back.  The IT of not sleeping, of trying to keep mom safe by dashing upstairs when I hear her moving at night (how on EARTH can she take 3 different sleeping drugs and still wake up fairly thoroughly less than 4 hours later?!), and making sure she has her meds on time. And letting that dog out. Like now, I need to let it roll away. She had 2 Oxycontin about 6 hours ago and is ‘fine’ and she just went down the drive to get the paper.  I guess it is normal, but I’d be out like a light on a Christmas string, taking everyone with me. 


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