It isn’t the Scouting mom in me that causes me to be prepared. It is the mom in me. Yup, I carry sewing needles, band aids, and meds in the pouch I keep insulin in. This is very handy. You never know when you might need one of these things! (sometimes I carry cash, but not as often. Cash is harder to hang on to than band aids!) Mum has stacks and totes and boxes of fabric and thread and other assorted miscellaneous stuff for sewing But, when I wanted to mend some things, I could not find a single straight needle!!! Glad I had some with me. Lent may be a holy week, but I prefer my clothes to be less so. 

Mum’s dog also pokes or is thorny.  That little dog drives me bonkers! He chews on the little tubes mum’s saline breathing solution is in (after I toss the empties in the trash) and gets into the part of the garden where mum  used to toss eggshells. Yesterday, I went shopping and came home with lots of plastic bags of groceries. I put it all away because Obi gets into things. He can find something to snack on faster than the present POTUS can tweet. (And that dog gets into just as much trouble!) I left out a 5 lb bag of potatoes, I just hadn’t gotten to the closet where they are kept. Obi found them. He ripped open a hole in the bag and commenced crunching and munchings. If mum read Lloyd Alexander, Gurgi would have been a better name for this needling, annoying creature!!!! (Although, Gurgi is more endearing)



2 thoughts on “Needled

  1. This made me think of me. I carry alsorts around. Iv got a four yr old. Not only do I carry lots of emergency supplies. I also find stuff in my pockets like half eaten food!……kinda ruins my sex pot image hey? Lololol

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