Mailed some Easter cards and boxes of treats to the guys. One box went to VA and one to Oregon. I had to call my husband and ask what our PO box is. I haven’t sent them anything since Valentine’s Day! I often forget what name is on the return address, what address is on it, what city, and what zip. I usually write and scratch and write again! I use my maiden name up here, more people know me as that person than they do my married self. Sort of like Penny Chenery from Secretariat. 

I’ve also been thinking a lot about marriage, but that is a different post



10 thoughts on “Mail~

      • OK, Fession time. I had a roommate in college who was from Canada. She sort of corrupted me in spots. One of my Oregon friends served in Adak–I loved watching their basketball team in HS. They wore red, white, and blue and seemed to love the Kenai Peninsula!


  1. I forget my address because my avenue and st are the same number. Don’t ask me how I get confused I’m just borderline weird that way!
    And when it comes to phone numbers? I can’t remember mine! I only remember my childhood number-it’s my parents! And work! 😂

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