Aging is a pain. Especially when you get too hot and there is no reason to be hot! Layers are lovely, but am down to skin and need to put the layers back before I freeze. How ridiculous is this? Very.

And then I  had to answer the phone and got tangled in a blanket. Literally. As a person who keeps things, mum keeps everything. The blanket I have over me is old and part of the outside trim thing is off. When I jumped up, my foot snagged in it! I almost fell on my face (I would have bruises to match the one on my butt and my knee!) The phone call? A church mum used to play for, wants their music books back. This is sad for two reasons. First, mum will feel useless because another one of those things she used to do is getting done by someone else. Then, second, I am going to have to look for the darn things. Since the upstairs got tidied, those books might be anywhere. Piffle!


6 thoughts on “Heat!

  1. Aaaah Kris..
    You have a senior moment.
    Am so pleased 😁 that you didn’t fall through..

    Mom knows she has to give up certain things now..
    She might be feeling a little sad for being so old .. but make sure you remind her of the full life she had …
    And you are a good 😊 reminder of her success..

    Hope that heat flash goes soon..

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