I don’t have dreams or hopes or goals. It doesn’t matter. Few of the things I’ve wanted over the years have happened, so I don’t plan on anything anymore. It has been that way for years, not just because I am caregiving for mom. But, today, there is a definite chance I might get to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with one of my favorite people. Maybe. Mom is not as well today. She really did way too much yesterday. But, she had a pain pill with her high carb breakfast and a bit of a nap, so she’s fine now. (I hate the word ‘fine’) I am hoping to leave her, even if she is still puny.  We’ll see if she lets me. She often says I can do whatever I want, but guilts me into not doing those things. I won’t get to wear my new clothes, they are too fancy for a matinee! Sparkly tights and a skirt are not quite go to town in the afternoon and do errands and sit in a movie wear. But, if I go, I’ll imagine them! 


2 thoughts on “Maybe

    • crossing fingers. I need to leave in 45 min and so far have had to clean up one tipped over plant, which meant I needed to clean out the vacuum (which had not been cleaned in ages), and am now all dirty, and then found the yucky soap, and…. I still need to eat!!!


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