Mum has a great many cleansing supplies in her house. In the basement, mum had put froofy lilac scented soaps. I opened two in the last years or in the last months. BUT, today, I just noticed something nasty. The soap I had been using to wash my hands and face had brownish puce colored flat floating things in it AND on the inside of the bottle. Puce, what an amazing thing to find that color really exists in the house! I don’t know if it is mold. I can’t find out from google if mold can grow inside a brand new bottle of liquid soap, but I’m not using it anymore. I may not use either one! I might just go buy some new stuff. To enjoy clean and then discover you really may not be is ultimate gross! Yuck, just yuck. 

7 thoughts on “EWWWWWW!

  1. That’s interesting. I bought a dish soap to use at work, the generic brand from the grocery store I frequent. In a little over a month, the soap began breaking down and turned a yellow-brown color. I’m sure the same thing happened with your soap. I guess generic brands are less expensive because they have fewer chemicals in them, such as the chemicals that bind the soap molecules together. I’m no chemist, but I think I’ll buy the brand name soap next time!

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  2. Ick! That’s another bad thing about hoarding. Almost anything spoils if you give it enough time. Doesn’t matter how much of a bargain it is at time if it rots away.

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