Breathing is hard right now


Yup. Mum went outside to get her paper. In her jammies in temps not found in her 70+ degree house. She did not take any of the meds she is supposed to have and blithely told me when I said she could have fallen, “it isn’t muddy, there is ice.” Her oxygen levels dipped to 82 and took a minute to get back to 92. I know this isn’t too bad, but it frustrates me. She made her own breakfast of frozen waffles and lots of whipped topping and strawberries. When I mentioned she hadn’t taken her meds, she said she was going to wait til she got a pain pill. Then, while I was giving her the breathing treatment, she tried to turn it off cuz it surely had to be past the time for It to be done. I told her there was still 2 minutes and 20 seconds left, she was annoyed. I know I cannot make her behave, but Gods, I wish I could! All the work I do, she’s going to mess herself up and die. I get wanting to do things, but she has abused herself for decades and is going to pay the price. I can only watch her.


2 thoughts on “Breathing is hard right now

  1. Oooooh Maaan…
    just try be as patient and understanding as you can..

    It’s so hard to adjust losing independency and get used to dealing with medicine and oxygen every day…
    you can do so much.. but do the best you can in a jovial attitude…

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