eating-chocolate-1-1316272 I had to laugh when I read Rebecca’s post about food today.  I wrote a story about sex and food, it was pretty hilarious (so very silly)! Not many foods make me think of sex or turn me on.  However, there are a couple of things I’ve found which  are ‘better than sex’ (but not really!!!!!). But, the last time I’ve eaten either of them, they were just food. I love a certain ice cream, but the last time I ate it. It was work. Ice cream is a true treat here at mom’s house. I have to hide my sweet snacks or she’ll eat them. The last time I bought ice cream, I left it in the car (the temps HAD been in the teens or lower). Well, that night it warmed up. Oddly, my ice cream separated during the thaw. I put it in the outside (hard to get to) freezer to solidify again, it became incredibly sturdy! Then, shrimp. Gods, I can close my eyes and imagine the taste on my tongue from so long ago. I’d eaten a couple of times at a local club (the cook has left, alas!) and his pan fried shrimp were mouthwatering and damn sexy. The salty sweet taste of the flavors on the firm flesh caressing my tongue, the texture of the curved meat on my lips, and licking my fingers off after. So very good!!!

Tonight, the shrimp I made was just very tasty seafood from Argentina. That may have been the problem, it wasn’t Alaskan. (I didn’t buy it) I also had to peel them and they had legs. Definitely NOT erotic!

Wine. I’ve learned wine can be incredibly sexual. Watching hands hold a glass, seeing it sipped, spilled, licked up. All a great deal of fun!  

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