The almost best nest






A favorite kid book by PD Eastman is called ‘The Best Nest’. Mother bird is grumpy because she wants a better nest and sends Father bird out to find one. After many trials, Mother bird decides her old nest is best. For me, I miss my Oregon house. If I could move that house to Alaska, I’d be in heaven on earth every day!

 I have been in Alaska for 8 months (minus the 2 and half weeks I was able to be in Oregon in October). I have been living on the edges of mom’s house. I’d put my stuff in the bathroom and my old bedroom, but never really claimed them back from mom’s clutter. Until last night. I finally realised, I may not get back to Oregon in ‘the next couple of weeks’. I’ve been existing on that theory since January. Until now. I am still surrounded by boxes and totes of fabric and books and papers and stuff.  However, it is a bit more organised.  In the bathroom, I boxed up almost an entire small  u-haul box of hairbrushes, combs, soaps, and lotions. I threw away stuff, too. (like the froofy smelling expensive creams in glass bottles. NIB which LIB –leaked in box) Now, the bathroom is mostly mine. Granted, the water doesn’t work properly, but I hoisted my flag!

In my bedroom, I moved stuff around so I have space to put my luggage. It isn’t just plopped somewhere. I am still living out of the bags, but it isn’t as daunting. I hope to empty some of the drawers of mom’s clothes, soon. She has 4 of the captain’s bed’s drawers filled in my room and a four drawer rubbermaid dresser.  It appears mom’s clothes can replicate, am hoping to halt the process. At least in MY room!

The family room is still a disaster of boxes of books and fabric. I’m not sure what to do there, I hauled it all out of the garage last summer to put in the basement. I did move some of her sewing stuff off a larger table so I can write, pay bills, and what not in a cleared locale. Or mostly cleared. What an incredible collection of the past. I do admit,I didn’t tear out the BP results dad scrawled in a memo booklet I am using. I miss daddy, touching the numbers of his heart beat makes him feel closer. 


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