In the doghouse

13782163_10153728677391272_7141320646486790387_n Last night, I texted my sister to tell her mom’s dog had two servings of food left. Previously, she had asked to me let her know when we’d need more. She texted back she’d get me some today. It is almost 24 hours later. She called me to say she had food, but wasn’t sure how to get it to us. She didn’t want to drive all the way out to mom’s house. So, I am going to meet her at her job, which is about 15 miles from where mom lives. If that.

I went up to tell mum I had an errand and mom got all bent out of shape. She was sorry she had gotten sick (note: I get my esteem issues from mom. Hereditary!) and messed everything up. She’ll be well soon. I asked her what she was talking about. It appeared mom signed up to get the dog food at a local store and if you bought so many bags, you could get one free. The food she has in the closet for him hasn’t been touched since October and it apparently was expensive. So, I need to buy him food on Wednesday when I take mom to the dr and use that when the stuff my sister is giving me is gone. Because it is supposed to be better and she is sorry that the food in the closet isn’t any good anymore (it probably is, but really…as much as I don’t like dogs, that food has got to be very stale. Can dog food get stale??). Ridiculous. 



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