Shopping for:


I hate shopping. I do not like to spend money. I CAN spend money and shop, but I’d prefer not to. I particularly don’t like it here in this part of Alaska. Selections are limited and sometimes you need things NOW and can’t shop online. (A convenience I am slowly learning to appreciate.) I do like sale items and good will stores, but it is still not something I particularly enjoy. Today, I had to shop. There were certain items on my list I needed. I shop for almost all my groceries in one store, but I needed some other things.

As I marched in to attack the list, there were many racks and totes of stuff on sale. Socks, lured me for several minutes before I finally left their fuzzy soles to be acquired by another (I did get two more lace tank tops, I love those things and I wanted a pink one).  I got my cheap test strips, my spouse is buying the expensive ones for when I return to my doctor’s locale, up here, I’m just monitoring, so cheap is best. Monitoring. Yes, I finally got a baby monitor. I am hoping mom won’t see it in her still fairly cluttered bedroom. I wanted something to help me get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. So, now I can drift off to the lovely pulses of mom’s oxygen machine and hear her if she gets up before my alarm. (She finds it offensive that I wanted a monitor in her room.)  I also found her a new phone, I could use the direction sheet as a bed cover!!! I got the groceries at the other store, picked up her meds (which are totally different from the previous ones, but still the same!!!), and still managed to forget one of the most important things on my list. Washing stuff for the windows on the car. I had it clearly marked, “Wind Washer” and still managed to skip it in either store I was at. I really do NOT like shopping!!!!!!

Thankfully, the best part was after I shopped.  I got to see one of my favorite peoples for a few minutes. Happy sigh! 



2 thoughts on “Shopping for:

    • Cherry Ames was a hero for a long time. :o) It has been an uphill struggle and I truly hate having to do this alone. Mom’s nurse is a joy. Mom’s oncologist irritates the heck out of me. (mom loves him)


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