I love books!!!!


I adore fiction. I devour fiction. Sometimes, though, a nice non-fiction is good to get your teeth into. I finally finished ‘The Kamasutra‘ by Vatsyayana. It was incredibly fascinating and not at all like the things you find when you google this topic. Parts of the last paragraphs by the translator were incredibly apt for the book. “The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, which might otherwise be called a treatise on men and women, their mutual relations and connection with each other.”  This book was written about eighteen hundred years ago and it seems ‘to prove that the human nature of today is much the same as the human nature of the long ago.”  

The ‘sex’ part does not take up much of the treatise and I can see where Europeans might have snagged this portion of the life lessons and ran with them. I’ll share off and on hilarious bits I found in my reading. Or at least, things I found rather funny. For instance. Chapter 28. ‘Of the means of getting money, of the signs of the change of a lover’s feelings, and of the way to get rid of him.”  And there are not 50, just 28. 

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