IMG_5858 Last night, about 11pm, the northern lights were out above the clouds. It was a bit fantastic watching the plays of pinks and purples and greens in cloud form and not sheets or spikes. I was outside on the lake side of mom’s house on the porch. And it was not warm!!! The trees were in the way and I remembered being on the lake in the kayak last summer. Not quite logical at this time of year! I also didn’t want to hike down to the lake, there is a lot of rotten snow (snow which is old and not sturdy for tromping thru) and I don’t have winter wear. I imagined being a squirrel high up in the tree top, watching the lights from a crotch in the tree, holding my tail over my nose to keep me warm. Then, I laughed. I am sure all the squirrels were sound asleep and the northern lights were the furthest thing from their tiny rodent like minds! But, maybe ONE small squirrel watched them dance above the clouds under the warmth of a furry tail. 

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