Had to


I am so tired lately, I can’t concentrate on much at all. Last night, I looked at the glow of the northern lights in the clouds, thought for just a few minutes about popping online, and had to sleep instead. I did check the sky every two hours when I woke to see how mom was doing. (I think I am going to get a baby monitor to help me listen for her)  I’d like to cry, but sleep is probably better in the long run. Right now, I have things I need to do (calling places and doing a few car errands) and I am online, but there is a bed next to me and the siren call is very strong. Mom is actually napping, so I might sneak in a short rest. If the phone doesn’t ring! OK, am off to see who I can find in my napping moments! Day dreams, Mare Inbrium from Xanth! 

3 thoughts on “Had to

    • Daria, I do not know. It is too expensive to move her to a facility (reasons are super complicated). Perhaps she will get ‘better’ as her doctor anticipates and I can leave for a few months. And return to find a mess again. Her organisational skills are of the ‘I’ll do it later’ sort. Probably where I got mine! Although, the last months I’ve been much more meticulous. Maybe this is why I am here? To learn to be more organised?

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