No Nap


Mom is fine (gods, I hate that word. It has many meanings when describing how a person is) and I called/texted many people to let them know she was well after her procedure. Later, after I did a few errands and wrote part of a letter, I decided I needed a nap. I had just settled down, when the phone rang. It was a friend from Oregon. She said she missed me during the memorial service for one of my favorite neighbors. I talked to her for ages, finished the letter, and decided to try again for a short nap before I made supper. Guess what? The phone needed answered. I ended up making us leftovers (her blood sugars were 451, but she wanted to eat). After dinner, there was another longer call, but it ended with me giving mom the phone at the end. So, I decided to try for an after dinner nap while she was talking. She had hung it up and was safely in her chair, when the phone rang.  This was really annoying. I had gotten into a barely awake dream sequence. (I had gone to a friend’s house and was curled  up on a twin sized folded out couch bed with his cats and he had just come home.) After I got mom sorted on that call, (left it off the hook on my end and went upstairs to give her the remote phone) I knew  I had 40 minutes til the alarm went off for mom’s night meds, maybe now? I tried one more time.  Yup, the phone rang. For me.

I am giving up on naps tonight and I will doze in the two hour breaks between checking on mom. I’ll wait til after 11 pm to try to take a shower, though! 

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