I am not the icon, the shirt is. I don’t know if you can SEE the words, but they read (on the top) “Alaska’s Udder Cola” and (on the bottom) “Matanuska Maid.” When I was a kid, the lady in skates was on every carton of milk. I never quite understood why she had on such a short costume and skates to sell milk, but I think visiting the creamery in Anchorage was one of the very best field trips I remember. I particularly love the shirt for more than the cozy soft worn warmth. I love the humor and that the cow is the maid. Cuz, really, she is!

Living on the Oregon coast in dairy country (Tillamook) for 17 years was educational. Milk is more than a skating chick on a carton. There is a great deal of work which goes into getting the milk from the field to the creamery. And barn boots do not come with blades! 

4 thoughts on “Icons

    • Giggle snorted very hard! Rubber boots you can wear in muck and crap and remove to enter houses. In Alaska, they are called Break Up Boots. Have also heard them called, “Mud Boots”.


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