This is a whining post, you can skip it if you want!

Every time. Responsibility creeps in like water in cracks on pavement. Tomorrow there is a memorial service for a super sweet man. One of those elderly adorable people you admire and hug whenever you can. Anyway, it is something mom is going to go to and I was wanting to attend it as well. However, responsible does not allow for self.

Mom wrote a story for a class ages ago. She read the story to some kids and a fellow teacher person asked if mom would let her illustrate it. Anyway, the book is ready to be approved and in order for it to be published, mom needs to sign some of the paperwork. One of mom’s other teacher friends was going to come out and bring mom the stuff, but she can’t. I was asked if I could meet her tomorrow afternoon and then I could take care of it. No mention how I am supposed to get it back to whoever needs it. I am sure I’ll manage somewhere.

I also had determined to steal some of the time during the snacking part of the service to do a couple of errands. So, I’ll just do them all at the same time. I’m not a drudge or overworked, I am just a daughter who sometimes wants to be her own person. I often forget, I am not here for Kris. I am in Alaska to be responsible for someone who is having trouble at this time. Walt will know I honor his memory, even if I am not there in person. 


2 thoughts on “Responsible

  1. It is definitely frustrating when people go off to things they want while you attend to chores. That happened a lot early in my marriage and I started referring to myself as Cinderella. I still do a lot of housework, but I’m not feeling the Cinderella vibe as much.

    Please make time for yourself. You can only be useful to your mom if you’re not worn out with care.

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