I don’t get out to check mom’s mail very often and I don’t dive into the bills immediately when I do. Because of gems like this one. I opened up an envelope which said I needed to renew a subscription to a paper. This paper I put on hold last November. About the second week. I was told it was not a problem and just call when we wanted it back. I don’t remember what I was told about the paper subscription, but I have the conversation written down somewhere. Anyway, today I discovered it expired in November!!!!! They sent out the notice on March 9. I didn’t get it til last week and opened it today, Saturday. I was going to pay it, but I’ll call them first. The little note on the bill suggests I pay before 11/16/2016 so we don’t miss an issue. Then, there is a note which reads they’ll continue delivery unless otherwise notified. I need more diet pepsi!!!!! 


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